Openroom  |  A tool to vet landlords and tenants

Openroom | A tool to vet landlords and tenants

  • Maria Brooks
  • 03/2/24


In Ontario's rental scene, small landlords are fed up with the slow pace of updating judgments from the Landlords and Tenants Board (LTB). These judgments, meant to be public, are vital for protecting against shady tenants. But with delays of up to six months on, landlords are left vulnerable to exploitation by those who use the delays to hide important info.

In response, a group of determined landlords created It's a platform where landlords—and tenants—can share public judgment info for all to see.

Here's how it works: OpenRoom is an online legal database where landlords directly submit LTB decisions. This is a faster alternative to waiting for to update. The goal? To prevent financial, emotional, and mental distress for landlords and tenants. OpenRoom believes in making info available and easy to search, fast.

One big challenge for landlords is not being able to fully vet potential tenants. doesn't include tenant names. But OpenRoom changes that. It's a one-stop shop for landlords to get all the info they need.

Both landlords and tenants benefit from OpenRoom. It gives them the power to make informed choices about rentals. By using crowdsourcing and focusing on transparency, OpenRoom is transforming the rental scene in Ontario.

For landlords who want to protect their investments and tenants who want trustworthy housing options, OpenRoom is the solution. It's more than just a platform—it's a way to make renting easier and more transparent.

To check out OpenRoom and get transparent rental info, visit Join us in making renting simpler and fairer for everyone.

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